Andino 4G/LTE Modem (SimCom SIM7600)

Andino X1 Pico - Raspberry Pi and LTE Modem on DIN Rail

The external 4G modem extension for Andino boards is connected via USB. Using an LTE connection it can be used for high speed data transmission at a speed of up to 300 Mbit/s. It can also be used to send and receive SMS messages. Since, like our Andino boards, it is also DIN-Rail mountable, it can simply be mounted next to the device in question. This modular design allows for easy installation and even integration of the 4G modem into existing installations. The modem is based on the SimCom SIM7600.


Firmware upgrade

To unlock the full functionality and ensure stability of the modem, it may be necessary to upgrade its firmware. This is especially important since previous versions of the firmware have known bugs that can cause connectivity issues under certain circumstances. To do so please refer to the following resources:

Setup documentation

Programming examples

Manuals & Certificates