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Raspberry Pi for Industrial applications

Andino X1: Raspberry Pi 3 B+ for industrial Applications

Andino X1 enables the use of the Raspberry Pi in an industrial environment

  • Includes the Raspberry Pi 3 B+
  • Signal preprocessing: Measurement of time-critical signals
  • Protection of the GPIO interfaces: filtering of interference signals and voltage peaks
  • Prevention of electromagnetic interference by galvanic isolation of the digital I / O (up to 5 kV)
  • Installation in control cabinets possible (DIN rail housing, power supply of 24 V)
  • Arduino compatible. Programmable from PC via USB.
  • Communication to the Arduino at Raspberry Pi via / dev / ttyS0
  • Expandable: 5 free screw terminals for own applications

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Andino X2: Powered by Raspberry Pi 3 B+

The big Brother of the Andino X1.

  • Raspberry Pi in a DIN rail housing
  • Includes the Raspberry Pi 3 B+
  • Arduino compatible micro-controller (10Mhz)
  • 24 Volt DC or 85 Volt-230 Volt AC
  • 24 Volt Power out, software switchable
  • 3 isolated digital inputs and 3 relay outputs (250V, 5A)
  • 2nd Ethernet controller
  • Expandable with two shields
  • 6 RGB LED in the Lid
  • Optional 2G or 4G Modem

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Andino IO: LoraWAN, 2G, 4G Powered by Raspberry Pi

The next Member of the Andino Family. Andino IO.

As the X1 and X2 the Andino IO supports the Raspberry Pi 3B+ with a Motherboard in a DIN Rail housing.
All sensitiv IO and Interfaces are EMC Protected for an reliable use in a industrial Environment.
Extensive tests have confirmed this.

  • Raspberry Pi in a DIN rail housing
  • Includes the Raspberry Pi 3 B+
  • 24 Volt DC Power Input
  • 6 isolated digital inputs Isolated (5kV)
  • 3 relay outputs (250V, 5A)
  • RS485, RS422. galvanic isolated. Auto Transmit Enable. 
  • RS232 Interface (RxD,TxD,RTS,CTS)
  • CAN Bus
  • OLED Display in the Lid

Optional WAN Interfaces:

  • Lora WAN Modem (Microchip RN2483)
  • Optional 2G/Edge (Available)
  • Optional 4G Modem

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Andino UPS: A micro-UPS without batteries

  • UPS for bridging voltage drops
  • Allows controlled saving and shutdown
  • For all controls with 24 volts Suitable for Raspberry Pi, Andino X1, and all 24 volt controllers
  • Up to 10 watts Bridged 40 seconds
  • Does not use batteries. Guaranteed lifetime of storage 7 years without maintenance

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About us

Andino ® is a trademark of ClearSystems GmbH.

We develop hardware for industrial applications, home automation and internet of (smart) things. Whether machine or production data acquisition, process or measured value acquisition – we have the right hardware.

Stability, reliability and a good price-performance ratio characterize our products. The use of Linux and OpenSource platforms guarantee a continuous development and assurance of quality due to the large community. The testing of our hardware by independent accredited testing laboratories goes without saying.

But what is a hardware without suitable software? Our team of highly motivated software developers will find the right solution. (has already cracked some hard nuts). By using established development tools, programming languages, frameworks and development methods like Scrum, we are able to find a cost-effective pragmatic solution.

The finished solution is our goal and not the way!
Specifically, our developers use the following tools and control them like the back of their hand.

C #, C ++, (LAMP), Oracle DB, MariaDB, SVN, TFS, GIT.