Andino USB to Ethernet Controller for DIN Rail mounting


High-Felxible Network Expansion for Industrial PCs

The USB Ethernet Controller for DIN rail is an efficient and secure solution for expanding your industrial PC with additional network interfaces. Supporting 10/100 Mbps Ethernet, this controller not only enables a flexible and powerful extension of your networking capabilities but also offers an essential security feature by allowing the physical separation of networks. This functionality is particularly crucial in industrial control environments utilizing protocols like Modbus TCP, where network isolation can significantly enhance security.

Easy Installation and Wide Compatibility

This robust network controller connects seamlessly via a USB 2.0 interface to your industrial PC, such as the Andino PC. It boasts excellent compatibility, being immediately recognized as a network device under both Linux and Windows, eliminating the need for additional drivers or software.

Expansion of up to Four Ethernet Interfaces

Besides the existing 1000 Mbps interface of the Raspberry Pi, this controller facilitates the straightforward connection of up to four additional Ethernet interfaces. This enhancement not only broadens the connectivity options and flexibility of your system but also enables the efficient management and control of multiple network devices or connections, with the added benefit of increased network security through physical segmentation.

Ideal for Industrial Applications

With its durable construction and easy DIN rail mounting, the USB Ethernet Controller is perfectly suited for industrial applications. It offers a reliable and enduring network expansion solution, even in the most challenging operating environments, while providing an added layer of security through network separation.

Key Features:

Manuals & Certificates

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