Andino X1 Pico is a base board that allows the raspberry pi to be used in an industrial environment on a DIN Rail. This configuration also comes pre-installed with a breadboard.

Andino X1 Pico - Raspberry Pi on DIN Rail

The Andino X1 Pico is a microcontroller board for the Raspberry Pi in a DIN-rail housing for installation in a control cabinet. It is used to adapt digital inputs and outputs for a voltage of 24 V. The X1 has its own microcontroller for precise signal preprocessing and adaptation of signal generators and actuators. It also contains a Raspberry Pi. The inputs and outputs as well as the power supply of the Pi are optimally protected. Communication between the microcontroller and the Pi takes place via the UART interface.

For an introduction on the Andino X1 Pico board, see Andino X1 Pico

The breadboard that comes pre-installed with the Andino X1 Pico enables easy prototyping for additional projects and extensions. It provides easy access to the all pins of the pin header and thus the I2C and SPI busses. The layout of the breadboard is as follows:

Breadboard extension

Overview over all PIN mappings of the Extension PIN header: